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Valluri Technology Accelerators facilitates convergence of technologies through a collaborative approach to create sustainable solutions that drive positive changes in societies. Huge challenges exist in the areas of Water, Energy, Healthcare, Sanitation, Environment and Infrastructure in terms of resource utilization and apportionment. The "Circular Economy", model ensures that output from one process can become the input to the next process thereby ensuring optimum resource utilization. "Platform Solutions" that deliver converged technologies and innovations need to be created. Organizations and entities can then engage with these "Platforms" to provide a converged solution to urban problems.

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Access to clean drinking water is the right of humans everywhere. However, the reality is different for billions of people globally...

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Renewable energy resources exist over wide geographical areas, in contrast to other energy sources, which are...

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The rapid growth rate in healthcare expenditure in India reflects the high inflation in the nation’s economy.

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Environment & Pollution

With climate change and burgeoning populations, environment across the globe is under enormous strain.

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Sanitation & Waste

Modern India has a mammoth sanitation problem to solve. There are nearly 130 million households in India...

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Smart Cities

Almost a third of India’s population now lives in urban areas - overcrowded cities and towns with infrastructure...

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