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Valluri Technology Accelerators

Valluri Technology Accelerators is focused on addressing major environmental and urban challenges facing today’s world. VTA leverages the principle of a “Circular Economy” to efficiently tackle problems in the areas of Air, Water, Soil and Public Health.

VTA’s work is founded on the creation and effective utilization of actionable intelligence from authenticated environmental, urban and scientific data sources. The Company leverages Predictive and Correlative Analytics to deliver forecasts, impact assessments and a variety of intelligence which can aid environmental and urban decision-making processes. 

To ensure effective deployment of these solutions, VTA continues to design technology driven unique, cost-effective and customized interventions that can support multiple environmental challenges in diverse geographical areas.

Developing Solutions Using Technology Convergence

Be At The Forefront by Using Technology to drive Positive Change

From using Satellite data to indicators that determine population growth and Industrial spread, VTA deploys complex Machine learning and AI algorithms to generate intelligent outcomes that can aid in decision making to reduce the Environmental degradation.

Vāyu Darpan​

Our Newest Offering

Vāyu Darpan​

Emission Inventory Tracker & Emissions Forecast Predictor

The Emissions Tracker and the Emissions Predictor leverage the power of correlative analytics and Machine learning and provide users with information on factors that are causing environmental pollution and the likely adverse impacts they could be having on society.

The use of Sensors can be almost eliminated by using these sophisticated data driven algorithms which can deliver results that constantly self-correct and provide a high degree of accuracy. Similarly, these tools allow
the user to make simulations and predictions and modify policy interventions so that the likely impact that may happen because of environmental degradation could be minimized.

The products can assess the impact on public health and the expected pollution that would be caused because of contributing factors such as increase in Traffic, unchecked growth in the manufacturing Industry or many other identified polluting sources.

Our Engagements For Government, Industry And Research

Creating tools and technologies that aid in decision making and shaping a better, safer and healthy environment


Solutions To Measure & Evaluate Air & Water Pollution

Emission Inventories and Emission predictions that give you an accurate picture of how you can manage, mitigate and control Air & Water Quality


Assess Pollutant Types And The Required Corrective Measures

Industrial zones can now get data on the type of pollutants that are being released and the required corrective measures that need to be adopted


Partner with us To Advance Technology In The Environmental Pollution Area

Analytical data generated can be used to couple with other planned interventions by the research community & develop converged solutions through technology partnerships

Managing Your Today & Shaping Your Tomorrows For A Cleaner, Healthier Environment

Cutting Edge Environment Solutions

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