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Jal, Bhumi & Aarogya Darpan

Vāyu Darpan - Solving Water, Soil and Health Pollution Problems through Intelligent Decision Support

Addressing Key Environmental challenges

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In addition to its Air Pollution products, VTA offers data-driven solutions to solve societal problems in Water, Soil and Health. Similar to the Vāyu Darpan suite of products for Air, these solutions will leverage advanced Machine Learning and environmental models to collect and analyze real-world urban and industrial data to assess their impacts on Water, Soil and Health. These solutions will also go a step further by informing us about the impact that polluted Air, Water, Soil and Health can have on our societies. The solutions will be of the following types and will provide a complete assessment of our environmental conditions

Our Technology Approach

Diagnostic Tools

Data-driven scientific models that identify and deliver actionable information on specific polluting contributors. These tools are intended to precisely identify problem areas that can be the subject of targeted action and policy

Measurement and Monitoring

These solutions access satellite-sourced datasets and track various polluting sources to provide real-time assessments and monitoring of pollution levels. These outcomes provide decision-makers with a constant and updated understanding of environmental conditions in Air, Water, Soil and Health

Predictive Analytics and Planning

Intelligent scientific models using satellite based meteorological data, urban and industrial environmental data and Machine Learning technologies deliver environmental forecasts. This information allows decision-makers to take informed actions by predicting the environmental implications of their decisions


Plan > Measure > Predict > Deploy

Jal Darpan

  • Water Pollution Source Identification
  • Water Pollution Monitoring and Measurement
  • Water Pollution Forecasting

Bhumi Darpan

  • Soil Pollution Source Identification
  • Soil Pollution Monitoring and Measurement
  • Soil Pollution and Yield Impact Forecasting

Arogya Darpan

  • Health & Disease Forecasting due to Air Pollution
  • Health & Disease Forecasting due to Water Pollution 
  • Health & Disease Forecasting due to Soil Pollution

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