Urban Techtonix is a web-based software decision support system that provides actionable intelligence on environment pollution and public health. Urban Techtonix uses correlative and predictive analytics and intelligent data modeling to deliver impactful insights regarding Air Quality and Public Health. The platform is a unique offering that allows the user to leverage the modeling informatics with respect to an identified urban area and to enable an intelligent decision-making mechanism.

Urban Techtonix

Urban Techtonix provides decision-makers with valuable insights regarding Urban Environmental Pollution and its impact on Public Health. This intelligence is generated through advanced techniques such as Predictive Analytics and Modelling. This is visualized on the map of a chosen urban area. The tool uses IOT, Intelligent Modelling, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to bring near real time and predictive information to the user.

Urban Techtonix serves as a comprehensive decision-support-system and can help with environment sustainable planning and accordingly allow the user to have targeted development initiatives. It can simulate scenarios by varying input factors to the model. This can prove insightful in assessing risk for e.g. in public health, air pollution or urban flooding

Intelligent Modeling

The tool uses advanced analytics and modelling engines to help you make predictions of environmental conditions even in areas that are out of reach of environmental monitoring stations. By using Urban Techtonix to predict, environmental pollution information can be forecasted up to 4 days in advance. By using the “What-If” simulation tools, it allows the urban administrators to engage in proactive and preventive decision-making processes.

Correlative Analytics

Urban Techtonix leverages the power of correlative analytics to provide users with a clear picture of environmental pollution and its impact on society. Environmental pollution and its impact on public health and quality of life is established using correlative analytics. The tool also provides for correlational analysis between environmental pollution and pollution factors like traffic, industry etc.

The tool provides reports and intelligent outputs on what-if scenarios with probability assessments.

Informative Visualizations

The Urban Techtonix provides intuitive visualizations which include 2-D and 3-D maps of cities with modeled and real time values of pollution and public health parameters integrated into them. The tool allows for height wise pollution visualization at a location.

On request the user can be provided with additional information on pollutant source apportionment, Traffic impact on Pollution, Pollutant raw data downloads and correlation impacts on health with respect to specific pollutants.

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