Smart Ward

Having recognized the immediate need to address India’s environmental & urban challenges, VTA created the concept of developing Smart Wards within cities in India. The Smart ward uses an approach of disaggregating the city into wards and providing targeted technology solutions to solve specific issues in a given urban area.

The Smart Ward concept is an innovative, cost-effective and modular urban development solution that is customizable. The solution utilizes advanced analytics-based technologies which ensure streamlined implementation and replication across large urban areas. It incorporates solutions for addressing challenges in the domains of Air Quality, Water, Energy, Security, Traffic and Public Health.

Value Proposition

1. Customizable and Tailored Approach

The Smart Ward solves the specific needs of a particular urban area. This customized approach ensures that there are no technology redundancies or unnecessary investment in solutions. Additionally, the scalable approach allows for much greater flexibility from an investment perspective.

2. Sustainable and Cost-Effective

The Smart Ward integrates an ecosystem of advanced and cost-effective technologies that solve specific issues in a given urban area. This eliminates the potential for technology redundancies and investment in non-essential solutions. Originally designed as a micro-urban development program, which can be scaled up as required, the Smart Ward does not require significant capital investment, as compared to other urban development initiatives.

3. Predictive Analytics and Correlations

The Smart Ward is India’s first urban development model which has been specifically designed to incorporate Predictive and Correlative analytical tools with applications in environmental and urban management. The Smart Ward includes cutting edge modeling and simulation packages (e.g. Urban Techtonix) that can assist decision makers in enhancing the living standards of the society.

This unique approach enables proactive decision making through valuable forecasts and insights (such as urban flood predictions or break-out of infectious disease) and allows decision-makers to act proactively to address environmental and urban crises.
The incorporation of analytical technologies and the associated reduction in dependence on hardware solutions yields key benefits with respect to operations and maintenance.

4. Ease of Implementation & Replicability

The Smart Ward’s unique micro-scale approach and focus on analytics-based solutions, ensures ease of implementation and encourages participation from many small and medium-scale implementation partners across India.

Smart Ward delivers unique benefits by allowing decision-makers to replicate the solution systematically across a city based on the available funding.