Smart Cities

Smart Cities involve the development and integration of ICT and IOT solutions to manage the assets of any city or town. This will bring about an improvement in the quality of life of residents through efficient monitoring of essential services.

Data is collected using various types of technology such as sensors and real time monitoring systems. The collected data is then processed and analyzed to tackle any inefficiencies in the performances of urban services.

Almost a third of India's population now lives in urban areas—overcrowded cities and towns with infrastructure bursting at the seams.

What can Smart Cities accomplish?

Smartness in a city means different things to different people. It could be smart design, utilities, housing, mobility, technology, etc. Apart from employment, it is important for a Smart City to offer decent living options to every resident. This would mean that it must provide good quality but affordable housing while providing residents with a variety of needs such as clean drinking water, sanitation, 24x7 electricity, clean air, quality education and healthcare.

Is Your City Ready for IOT?

The central government of India has decided to develop a total of a 100 Smart Cities across India, wherein technology will play a major role in raising and improving the quality of life. It has opened doors for large public-private partnerships to upgrade civic services. Backed up by the Internet of Things, Smart Cities can benefit from interconnected networks, the ease of traffic flow and better parking arrangements—in short, a better life for every citizen.


Many schemes for smart city development have been initiated by the government such as:

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