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Vāyu Darpan Emission Planner & Predictor

Leveraging Technology to Build Emission Predictions

Predicting Environmental Pollution to Mitigate Socio-Economic Impacts

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Vāyu Darpan Emission Planner & Predictor (EPP) is a first-of-its-kind predictive planning and simulation tool for environmental decision-making. 

It allows decision-makers to simulate environmental pollution implications of planned actions across sectors that include Transportation, Urban Development, Industry, Manufacturing and Agriculture.  Vāyu Darpan-EPP delivers a complete before-and-after scenario analysis which will enable informed and predictive decision-making

Air Pollution:
Addressing tomorrow's problems

Decision-makers do not currently have access to intelligent tools or technology that enable informed decision-making. As seen with the Odd-Even rule implemented in New Delhi, as well as other large-scale Air Pollution abatement programs, the required effectiveness in addressing Air Pollution has not been achieved. There is a need for solutions that utilize authentic data to predict the viability of policy decisions. 


Process Flow-EPP


Policy Data

Users enter details of policy interventions or actions they plan to take


Sectors & Activity

EPP identifies sectors and activities potentially impacted by planned actions


Scenario Analysis

EPP uses ML-driven scenario analysis to predict Environmental Impacts of planned actions


Modify Parameters

Users modify plans to find optimal balance between development interests and environmental impact


Implement Plans

Sustainable action plans and growth strategies are implemented

Due to the scale and severity of Air Pollution issues, we cannot afford to invest in trial-and-error approaches to address the problem. Targeted action plans and interventions that jointly meet the economic, development and environmental requirements are needed. To achieve this, we must prioritize cost-effective solutions that put actionable scientific expertise in the hands of key authorities, decision-makers and stakeholders

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Vāyu Darpan–EPP: Product Overview

Vāyu Darpan-EPP is a predictive planning tool which delivers information that enables authorities and decision-makers to implement action-plans and policy decisions with quantifiable views of the environmental impact.

ML-driven environmental models analyze over a 100 activities from sectors that include Transportation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction & Development, and several others to estimate their air pollution emission outputs. Users can configure details of their future plans such as transitioning from gas-powered public transport fleets to EV fleets, and can then gauge the effectiveness of these decisions with the emission simulations delivered by the product.

Vāyu Darpan-EPP can also be used to forecast trends in emission increases as a direct result of population, urban and economic growth. Similarly, emission increases from one-off events such as public festival celebrations across the country can be predicted using Vayu Darpan-EPP to enable prior mitigation plans. 

Vāyu Darpan–EPP: Key Highlights

  • Forecasts Business-As-Usual (BAU) emission trends as a result of economic, population and urban growth
  • Enables informed and predictive decision-making based on forecasted environmental assessments 
  • Delivers accurate predictions of pollutant emission increases as direct results of human activity 
  • Predicts the effectiveness of actions and policy in Transportation, Urban Development, Domestic, Industrial and other sectors

Vāyu Darpan–EPP: Technical Details

  • Delivers forecasted simulations that model emissions from over 100 activities from sectors such as Transport, Industry, Urban development, Construction and Agriculture
  • Forecasts and simulations are delivered instantaneously and on-demand
  • Emission predictions and simulations are visualized on interactive dashboards and heatmaps to enhance usability
  • Outputs are accessible via Web-Applications and Mobile-Applications
  • Integration with existing third-party decision-support systems and Command Centers through API protocols

Vāyu Darpan–EPP: Key Users

Government & Regulatory

  • Predicting the effectiveness of environmental policies
  • Designing sustainable growth strategies 
  • Avoidance of high-cost corrective measures

Industry, Manufacturing & Real-Estate

  • Expansion planning and development
  • Safeguarding employee health and safety
  • Regulatory compliance and penalty avoidance

Applied Science & Research

  • Correlation of emission and public health indices
  • Correlation of emission and socio-economic indices
  • Correlation of emission and Industrial growth indices

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