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Vāyu Darpan Emission Inventory Tracker

Leveraging Technology to Build Emissions Inventories

Creating Decision Support Systems Based on Authenticated
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Vāyu Darpan – Emission Inventory Tracker (EIT) is a unique Software-as-a-Service offering that automates the process of building Emission Inventories and identifying pollution sources and diagnosing specific emission problems. Using advanced Machine Learning and Environmental models, Vāyu Darpan–EIT not only measures pollution levels, but also identifies specific sectors, urban activities and locations that contribute to poor air quality.

Air Pollution:
Addressing the root-cause

Rapidly rising pollution levels in India, as well as their harmful health impacts are now well-documented. According to the WHO, India is home to 22 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world and sees almost 2 million deaths as direct results of air pollution. Unfortunately, measurement devices like Environmental monitoring Stations and Sensors do not give us any new information, but only confirm what we already know.


Process Flow-EIT


Data Collection

EIT collects data on sectorial activity and operations
taking place in a location


Calculate Emissions

EIT uses ML-driven models to calculate emissions contributed by each activity


Identify Pollution Sources

EIT identifies and presents major pollution contributing sectors and activities along with their locations


Action Plan & Policy

Targeted action plans and policy decisions are made to address specific problems identified by EIT

The focus has to be now on data-driven, analytical tools that deliver actionable data on pollution sources, contributors and their impacts and that can enable targeted policy structuring. These tools need to be cost-effective, replicable and scalable in order to address pollution at National and International scales.

Vāyu Darpan-EIT: Product Overview

Vāyu DarpanEIT is the first automated, cost-effective and scalable Air Pollution diagnostics system. It leverages advanced ML and environmental models and integrates with government, scientific and other validated databases. This information is used to build emission inventories, identify pollution sources and democratize emissions knowledge across various stakeholders.

Vāyu DarpanEIT uses reliable inputs from information on traffic levels, population, industrial and urban activities. The application also allows the users the flexibility to upload their own data and enhance the quality of the outcomes. Proprietary algorithms analyze these inputs and return accurate emission estimates that are visualized on interactive dashboards and heat-maps. Analytical tools included in the solution provide the user with a complete environmental decision-support-system.

Vāyu Darpan–EIT: Key Highlights

  • Enables administrators and other stakeholders to build their own Emission Inventories and build targeted action plans
  • Automated data acquisition and analysis eliminates the need for manual data collection and examination
  • Cost-effective and offered via flexible pricing models
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows users to manage multiple cities and locations through a unified platform
  • Scalability ensures that Emission Inventories can be built for the entire Nation in a short time period
  • Can seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and databases to deliver correlations with Health and demographic outcomes

Vāyu Darpan–EIT: Technical Details

  • Accepts and analyses over 100 distinct variables that span various domains including Transportation, Industry, Construction, Commercial, Domestic and other sectors to provide reliable emissions inventory outputs
  • Identify and Track emissions at designated hotspots and points of interest
  • Emission data can be delivered via interactive GIS Heatmaps, Statistical dashboards or can be simply provided as raw data via APIs
  • Emission Inventories can be built at  precise spatial resolutions of up to 1km x 1km
  • User-driven data inputs can increase temporal resolution of calculated emission inventories
  • Offered as a Web-Application and Mobile- Application to allow remote environmental management of multiple locations through a singular control point 

Vāyu Darpan–EIT: Key Users

Government & Regulatory

  • Identify Pollution Sources
  • Cost effective
  • Informed Policy making
  • Address Air Pollution issues

Industry, Manufacturing & Real-Estate

  • Safeguarding health of employees
  • Maintain EHS Standards
  • Monitoring of emissions from operations
  • Ensure compliance

Applied Science & Research

  • Study Environmental Conditions
  • Ascertain impact on health
  • Efficient deployment of leaner teams
  • Save time on data collection & analysis

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