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Valluri Technology Accelerators facilitates convergence of technologies through a collaborative approach to create sustainable solutions that drive positive changes in societies.Huge challenges exist in the areas of Water, Energy, Healthcare, Sanitation, Environment and Infrastructure in terms of resource utilization and apportionment. The "Circular Economy", model ensures that output from one process can become the input to the next process thereby ensuring optimum resource utilization. "Platform Solutions" that deliver converged technologies and innovations need to be created. Organizations and entities can then engage with these "Platforms" to provide a converged solution to urban problems.

Valluri Technology Accelerators is involved in building customized, innovative and sustainable platform solutions through convergence of diverse technologies in specific areas. VTA endeavors to bring in domain expertise from various global and national corporations where multiple processes and technologies can be integrated to provide a solution for societies and governments.

The Smart Cities initiative by the government of India leverages the power of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Internet of Things, (IOT) to build sustainable solutions. The "Platform Solutions" developed by our organization can be applied to brown field (existing) cities or green field (potential) cities. VTA offers solutions such as Environmental Monitoring and Modelling, Smart Mobility & ICT Solutions, Water Quality Monitoring & Modelling, Infrastructure & Land Use Modelling, Energy Consumption Analysis & Energy Distribution Systems Modelling as well as other Smart Urban Solutions by converging multiple domains.

Valluri Technology accelerators has also developed an Urban Planning & Management Tool (Urban Techtonix) which helps in predicting the health of a city.

Urban Techtonix integrates a 3-D visual map of a city or an urban area, with Environment, Energy, Infrastructure, Traffic and Water related parameters to deliver forecasted models and impact assessments. Our Predictive Intelligence approach will be applied in the areas of: Air and Water Quality, Flood Prediction, Infrastructure Health and Land Use. Correlative Analytics can be implemented to identify the causes of air-borne and water-borne diseases. Assessment of the impact of traffic patterns, construction and industry effluents on environment can also be determined.

Urban Techtonix is an effective decision-making tool for Urban planners, Municipalities and other key stakeholders involved in planning and development of cities and urban areas.

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