‘Tellivi’ – Air Pollution Associated Health Risk Assessment for Individuals Launched by VTA
Air Pollution Tellivi

‘Tellivi’ – Air Pollution Associated Health Risk Assessment for Individuals Launched by VTA

VTA Tellivi  

Valluri Technology Accelerators has just launched its new platform – ‘Tellivi,’ which allows a user to assess their personal health risks due to pollution. Tellivi uses the pollution forecasting application, Urban Techtonix, to identify local air pollution levels as well as the user’s history of illness, lifestyle and the demographic they belong to, to build a personalized health risk assessment report.

The lack of understanding about the implications of pollution and its effect on human beings has exposed the population to higher levels of pollution related illnesses.





Critical issues addressed by the Tellivi assessment for individuals are:

Tellivi  predicts your potential health risk based on the air you breathe, your lifestyle, and your demographic. Your Risk Score Estimate (RSE) is a points-based score of the total risk you face based on your local air quality and your lifestyle. The higher the score, the higher your risk.

What is the Risk you face? Is there something you can do about it?

Additionally, Tellivi provides you with the likely types of risk you face based on your answers, and the top actions that can be taken to counter the risks and threats faced by individuals. These are in the form of both behavioral changes and technological assistance.


Addressing the immediate need

There is an immediate need to translate the concept of pollution from just being at a policy level to a personal matter. ‘Tellivi’ was borne out of this crisis. Using forecasted air quality data and specially designed user-specific data inputs,

‘Tellivi’ can provide a tailor-made evaluation of individualized health risk assessment. The solution has been conceived along with the Public Health Foundation of India. PHFI unites some of the world’s most renowned public health specialists, teachers, trainers, researchers, and practitioners.

Currently, the service is limited to the citizens of Bangalore, but it is intended to expand this usage across the entire Nation.