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Vāyu Darpan - Solving Air Pollution Problems through Intelligent Decision Support

Technology Convergence

VTA’s work is founded on the creation of actionable and intelligent interventions from authenticated global and scientific environmental data sources. The Company leverages Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to deliver modelling, forecasts, impact assessments and other key outcomes which aid environmental decision-making processes. To ensure effective deployment of corrective measures based on such outcomes, VTA has designed unique, technology driven and cost-effective solutions that can be customized to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders who are engaged in addressing environmental challenges.

Modelling Air Quality Data For Results

Accurate and dependable Prediction

“Putting a price on carbon pollution is one of the best things we can do to stem the tide of climate change”

Sheldon Whitehouse

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What you can do with Vāyu Darpan

Vāyu Darpan Products

Plan > Measure > Predict > Deploy

Our range of Products Analyse and Predict Air Pollution

Our Technology Suite

Vāyu Darpan-EIT

Emission Inventory & Tracker

The product is a unique Software-as-a-Service offering that automates the process of building Emission Inventories and identifying pollution sources and diagnosing specific emission problems

Vāyu Darpan-EPP

Emissions Planner & Predictor

Vāyu Darpan-EPP is a predictive planning tool which delivers information that enables authorities and decision-makers to implement action-plans and policy decisions based on quantified forecasts of their environmental impact

Vāyu Darpan-DMF

Air Pollution Dispersion Modelling & Forecasting

Vāyu Darpan–DMF uses various environmental analysis models to process data on meteorological and environmental conditions, along with pollution measurements from monitoring stations to deliver accurate long and short-range pollution forecasts

Benefits of Vāyu Darpan

Vāyu Darpan Use-Cases

Vāyu Darpan​ suite of applications can be used across many sectors and Industries to assess the pollution impact on society. It can further recommend the necessary interventions required to address the increase in pollution and aid in policy formulation and corrective measures. Click on the following sectors to get information on how Vāyu Darpan​ can be applied to address the pollution challenges.


Enable good planning & Deployment

To provide a standardized solution of identifying the pollutant sources that will be cost-effective, easily scalable, and provide reliable information to the Government and decisions making bodies


Gauge impact and associated costs

Tailormade for industries to aid them to accurately assess site-specific or overall air pollution created measure scope of pollution and also provide recommendations

Applied Research

Develop Correlations based on authenticated data

Research Organizations can efficiently build an emissions inventory and study the patterns of emissions arising as a result of human activity

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