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Valluri Technology

VTA is focused on leveraging advanced technologies to develop relevant solutions that contribute towards solving Environmental problems that impact mankind. It specifically engages in tackling problems in the areas of Air, Water, Soil and Public Health through global partnerships and engaging with Scientific Organizations

Our Vision


Solving real-world environmental problems by converging deep science with advanced technology


Translating technology to bettering society via impacts in Air, Water, Agriculture and Public Health

Solutions for Society

Using root-cause analysis in building sustainable strategy solutions

Our Focus Areas

To enable our vision, we focus on the following



Effective utilization of authenticated scientific and spatial data from multiple sources to develop an integrated approach to address environmental challenges 



Leveraging Computational intelligence and Machine learning technologies to deliver Predictive and Correlative Analytics that provide trends, forecasts and impact assessments



Intelligence that provides corrective measures to tackle environmental problems that have adverse societal impacts and aid the decision-making processes

Our Values

“In Nature there are no rewards nor punishments……

There are only consequences”

Bhagawad Gita

Our Team

Leading Innovation And Change Through Technology​ 

Venkatesh Valluri

Venkatesh Valluri

founder and Chairman of “Valluri Technology Accelerators” and “Valluri Change Foundation

Venkatesh Valluri is the founder and Chairman of “Valluri Technology Accelerators” and “Valluri Change Foundation”.

He was associated with various global Industries for over 30 years and has Leadership, Technology and Management experiences spanning the regions of India, Europe, and the US. He served as the Chairman of the Board for Ingersoll Rand India’s public company  and was a member of the global leadership Executive council of the company until 2015.

Before joining Ingersoll Rand, he was associated with the global measurement technology leader, Agilent Technologies (a spin off from Hewlett Packard), as its Chairman & President for its Indian subsidiary. Prior to Agilent he held various leadership roles at GE (General Electric) in India and globally. He holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, India.

Madhav Venkaswamy

Madhav Venkaswamy

Business Development Manager

Madhav has interests and experience building environmentally/socially beneficial innovations, piloting them at large-scale and building appropriate commercial strategies. This was most recently evidenced with an Air Quality Forecasting initiative done in collaboration with Govt of Karnataka and the European Commission.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (New York, USA).

Harish Venkatakrishnan

Harish Venkatakrishnan

Technology Manager

Harish is our in-house Scientific Lead and has over 6 years of experience building scientific products with human-centric impacts. His professional interests and experience include the creation and optimization of microbial communities for metal absorption from wastes and production of bio-active compounds for downstream use in sustainable agriculture.

Harish Venkatakrishnan is a PhD graduate in Environmental Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Harish also has a two-year post-doctoral qualification from the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute, Singapore.

Our Experience

Collaboration at its Best

Associations and Project Experience

A common theme of VTA’s project experience is its commitment towards leveraging deep, scientific and data-driven technology to deliver solutions that benefit the environment and society. VTA has been involved in a variety of projects and works closely with entities and organizations who share VTA’s environmental and social impact goals and who can implement change at a large scale.

Hands holding clear green meadow with sun battery block, wind mill turbines and city skyscrapers. Concept for ecology, growing business, freshness, freedom and other lifestyle issues. Green fields collection.

Air Quality Forecasting in Bangalore, Karnataka

VTA worked with the European Commission and the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board to implement the city’s first Pollution Forecasting System and Dashboard

Air Pollution Modelling and Source Identification in Tirupati, India

VTA delivered advanced AQ modelling technology to Tirupati Municipal Corporation (TMC) and helped assess pollution levels and identify emission hotspots

Development of the country’s first Automated Emission Inventory builder

VTA developed the country’s first automated, cost-effective and scalable Emission Inventory Builder
Accurate software modelling and Prediction for environmental and social impact
Driving Change Through Synergy

Our Partners & Customers

Questions And Answers

important things you should know

VTA primarily addresses environmental problems in the domains of Air, Water, Soil and Health. It focusses on relevant data acquisition and analysis, developing trends, forecasts and creating appropriate interventions so that environmental problems can be addressed. It relies on the usage of deep analytics, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Our engagement models involve working jointly with Customers, Partners, Academia, Manufacturers and other service providers. Usually, the environmental problems tend to be very complex which require Scientific, Research and Technological interventions. VTA is equipped to access domain experts and services from various fields and build intervention models that specifically address customer needs.

VTA is capable of undertaking global projects though currently most of its work is focused in the Indian sub-continent.

Services provided by VTA can be utilized by many users. Specifically these are leveraged by Governments, Scientific & Research Institutions, Industry, Real Estate and Transportation Sectors.

Please call us on 9900085533 or send us an E Mail on

Yes. Please click here to see a video of our latest offering on how an automated application helps in building the Emissions inventory for a specific geographical location and the benefits it delivers in addressing how to reduce the pollution.

You can partner and collaborate in many ways. VTA is constantly looking at joint development technology solutions that address Environmental challenges. In the current scenario, leveraging strengths and synergies provide the best way to address societal problems. If you are interested to collaborate please call us on 9900085533 or write to us on

Yes. Environmental solutions cannot be standardized. These need to customised for every situation. 

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