Our Values

Engagement Model

At Valluri Org, we believe that creativity and passion fuels innovations. This coupled with out of the box thinking creates environmentally sustainable solutions for the society. We provide a dynamic working environment that empowers and enables employees & partners to collaborate with one another to provide positive outcomes.

Our Organization structure follows a Hub and Spoke model. We aim to create hubs and domains where Organizations, Institutes of Higher Learning, domain experts, and customers can connect and collaborate. These hubs essentially drive the concept of Technology convergence and Collaborative Approaches. The focus of our Organization is to develop cost effective solutions in the areas of Water, Energy, Pollution, Waste, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Data analytics & Predictive intelligence. Challenges and opportunities continue to be identified under each hub so that a converged solution can be created using existing technologies, new innovations and reengineered processes.  

How would you like to contribute?

If you are passionate about changing the world and are keen to work with brilliant minds from across the country, please feel free to write to us.  
The current “Hub and Spoke” model offers immense opportunities, all that is required is, for you to have the passion and the capabilities to be an effective catalyst for change.
Get in touch with us if you are interested in working for Valluri Technology Accelerators or Valluri Change Foundation and our team will get back to you!