Converge. Create. Change

Valluri Technology Accelerators believes that the future is about convergence technologies through collaborative approaches and creating solutions that drive positive changes in societies. The core competency approach where organizations have leadership with respect to a technology, product, service or market access is no longer valid. With technologies changing and innovations getting launched at a feverish pace, the approach of creating value needs to change. Additionally, markets continue to get transparent due to access of real time data analytics. As the world grapples with climate change, the industrial world will need to become extremely efficient in terms of resource utilization and productivity. This can be accomplished through “Collaborative Approaches” and “Technology Convergence” across domains. This concept will extend with driving engagement in the society and creating responsible solutions for advancement.

The intent of Valluri Technology Accelerators is to create and innovate sustainable low cost solutions through convergence, collaborative approaches and by addressing societal needs in the areas of Energy, Water, Healthcare, Environment, Pollution and Waste for emerging economies like India. Today a number of technologies exist around the world. It is the endeavor of Valluri Technology Accelerators to bring in domain expertise from various global and national corporations and provide a platform where multiple processes and technologies can be converged to provide a solution for societies and governments. We call this the “circular economic approach” where wastes and by products from one process can become the input to the next process causing minimized resource utilization. These practices can be applied to brown filed (existing) cities or green field (to be built) cities.

The large challenges in emerging markets are in the areas of Water, Energy, Healthcare, Sanitation, Environment and Pollution. As a nation, we need to consider the kind of “Platform Solutions” needed to be built, that can address these challenges. These solutions will emerge from knowledge economies that are created quickly which uses real time data to address a challenged world. No single entity, organization or government will be able to solve these issues. Once “Platform Solutions” that deliver converged technology and innovations are created, the size of the organization would not matter. A number of Organizations and entities can then engage with these “Platforms”. The Intellectual property will still be with the domain developer; however interdependence would have created a unique solution where everyone can win. Valluri Technology Accelerators intends to lead in creating these “Platform solutions” for converged technologies and interdependent approaches.

In emerging economies, where the consumption patterns of an aspiring generation will become gargantuan, industrial efficiency and productivity will become extremely important. Over the next two decades we will witness a sophisticated manufacturing base emerging in the country. This will be based on new material science, robotics and automation. The outputs of the Industrial world will feed into platforms which will address the societal challenges. Valluri Technology Accelerators will play an active role in creating such an eco-system and bridging the needs of a connected world.

The top end of the pyramid will continue to attract high-end technology products and solutions; this will continue to lead the change. Another propellant of this change will be the development of new materials. Skill development in this space will become a challenge as innovations will become faster than the ability to train people. This will be a space where robotics and big data will gain prominence. The luxury of leveraging low cost labor that was witnessed in the 1990s will not exist as it will require a workforce with specialized skill sets. Valluri Technology Accelerators will actively engage in this form of skill creation.

Access to India’s growth markets that demonstrate an increasing purchasing power will demand the developed world to bring in clean technologies. Collaborations will allow new innovations to be developed for “bottom of the pyramid” markets. This will develop a “Reverse Innovation Engine”. Creating a R&D center in areas that can cause large scale positive impact on societies will be important. Valluri Technology Accelerators intends to build a “Convergence Research & Innovation Center”.

The solution to support needs with these technologies must be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. Organizations which are strong in technology, market access and people capabilities will undergo a major transformation over next 3-5 years. Disruptive technologies will become the norm. Therefore the fundamental strategy is to create a “Convergent and a Collaborative” mindset which can leverage technologies and solutions from the global eco system. The convergence approach will create new markets, solutions, products, innovations and new technologies that can be beneficial to emerging markets. The strategy for Valluri Technology Accelerators is Converge, Create and Change.

The leaders at Valluri Technology Accelerators will create economic and social value. The organization is guided by an advisory council consisting of globally renowned experts.

We are pleased to state that we have partnered with Vito, Belgium. Vito is a global leader in the areas of providing solutions for creating sustainable cities and societies of the future. It has a large research, innovation and consultancy domain strength in the areas of future city design, Water, Environment, Pollution, Healthcare, Waste treatment and Energy.